Two years ago, you may recall, I was a little bit under whelmed by Sam Raimi’s first SPIDER-MAN movie. Although I was as pleased as the next fan boy to see the world’s most famous webhead on the big screen, there was something not quite right with the film. Maybe it was the naff super villain (Willem Defoe’s Green Goblin just wasn’t a patch on the creepy comic book version), occasionally iffy CGI, unconvincing casting. Whatever it was that was wrong with the first film has been well and truly put right by this impressive sequel. This is a film proudly riding high on the success of the first film, learning from its mistakes and moving onwards and upwards to craft a superhero flick which, in all honesty, leaves all the others – X MEN included – floundering in its wake. SPIDER-MAN 2 is an absolute joy from start to finish, a film to glory in, a film to savour, a film to se ]]>

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