Space 1889 CD audio Dramas From Noise M


. Noise Monster Productions – helmed by Big Finish Audio producer (and friend of scifind) John Ainsworth – have released details of their first audio releases
Based on the characters and situations created by Frank Chadwick for the RPG of the same name Space 1889 sees Space traved invented in the 19th Century

Space: 1889 #1 – ‘Red Devil’s’ by Jonathan Clements

Starring Ivor Danvers and Simon Williams with Anthony Daniels as ‘Captain Carter’
Released: January 2005
RRP: ?0.99
Single CD

Space: 1889 #2 – ‘The Steppes of Thoth’ by James Swallow

Starring Simon Williams and Ivor Danvers
Released: February 2005
RRP: ?0.99
Single CD
Space: 1889 CDs are available from shopscifi for just ?.49 for a limited period.

More information can be found at Noise Monster. . ]]>

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