Chucky (Brad Dourif ?Wormtoung from Lord Of The Rings), the killer doll from the original Childs Play had a child with Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) another Psychotic doll from the film Bride of Chucky. This gender confused child (is he Glen Or Glenda? – played by Lord of the Ring’s Billy Boyd) knows neither parent until he sees them on a TV chat show. But unknown to the child his parents are now just animatronic puppets from a movie based on the Chucky urban legend. Traveling to the film studio the child manages accidentally cast a voodoo spell and turn the movie props into the ‘real’ Chucky and Tiffany. (you getting all this?). Chucky and Tiffan then go on a killing spree whilst Glen(da) tries to come to terms to who he is.

Aside form this rather mad plot and odd assortment cast ?Brad Dourif, Jennifer Tilly and Billy Boyd are joined by Hannah Spearritt (yes the same one who was in from S Club), Redman ?starring as himself and Jason Flemyng as Santa (?) the film is quite watchable.

The Childs Play seres lost its ‘Video Nasty’ image after it was proved very difficult to make a scary sequel to the original, Director/Writer Don Mancini, instead has gone firmly in to a gory/comedy territory with this latest Chucky installment (and indeed its direct predecessor) with quite passable results. The gore is very gory and the general permutation of the plot with (sick) humour is generally successful. In all the film is watchable and alright to while away the hour and a half.

The DVD extras entail the usual cast interviews, commentary, cast biogs and a rather lame Helliday Slideshow feature.]]>

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