Secret Files: Tunguska



Deep Silver is delighted to announce the release of Secret Files: Tunguska ?a modern adventure based on the real events that occurred in the frozen wastes of Siberia in 1908. Available exclusively for PC, Secret Files: Tunguska will be released on 29th September 2006 in the UK and exclusively distributed by Koch Media.

Secret Files: Tunguska is a modern adventure game in every respect. An intuitive interface and flexible game engine allows players to explore a sophisticated story based on a legendary real event that occurred in 1908, when the Siberian region of Tunguska exploded in an inferno that reduced everything to debris and ashes. The event remains unexplained to this very day, with rumours covering events ranging from meteor impact, a nuclear explosion and even a possible UFO incident.

Secret Files: Tunguska takes players on a journey across the globe; realising stunning locations with an elegant 2D/3D symbiosis that depicts over 100 impressively animated backgrounds set in Ireland, Cuba, Russia, China, the Antarctic and the underground Berlin. Players attempt to solve the disappearance of lead character Nina? father in an astonishing tale that involves motion-captured figures, cinematic set-pieces, well-known voice talent from film and television, cutting-edge facial animation and atmospheric musical scores.

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