Revenge Of The Sith DVD Details


.Star Wars Revenge of the Sith will appear on DVD at the start of November.

The USA release date is the 1st November 2005 BUT we are sure that this will either be a global release day OR the UK release date will be a day or two either side.

The DVD will include a brand-new full-length documentary produced by Lucasfilm Ltd. as well as two new featurettes — one that explores the prophecy of Anakin Skywalker as the Chosen One, and the other that looks at the movie’s amazing stunts. A 15-part collection of Lucasfilm’s groundbreaking web documentary series, Making Episode III, will also be included in the set.

“Revenge of the Sith gave audiences an extraordinary experience, and we want this DVD to do the same,” said Jim Ward, Vice President of Marketing and Distribution for Lucasfilm Ltd. “From the beginning of production, George wanted to be sure we chronicled everything that went into the making of Episode III specifically to create an incredible DVD experience. This DVD has literally been three years in the making, and it’s going to be a fantastic way to complete the Star Wars saga at home.”

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