Terror Dog Ghostbusters Scaled Replica

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I’m going to bring this up with the tenant’s association. You’re not supposed to have pets in the building.”

Who doesn’t love Ghostbusters? Not only does the film perfectly combine humor with horror, but it hosts some of movie history’s most memorable and groundbreaking practical FX. A 1984 Academy Award Nominee for Best Visual Effects, Ghostbusters‘ team used puppetry and primitive motion-blur (lens modification with vaseline) to deliver its scares, peppered with the charming real-creature clumsiness that gives the movie its heart. 

And now, Sideshow and Chronicle Collectibles are proud to present the ultimate licensed Ghostbusters Terror Dog Replica. Rotocast in resin and hand-painted like the actual filming puppet. Horns for both the Keymaster and Gatekeeper are included with each Terror Dog. 

Cast from the original FX mold — the mold that birthed the rubber puppets used in the film — the prototype was restored by Kristina Lucas Francis and approved by the original sculptor, Randall William Cook. The Terror Dog stands on its own four feet, and requires no base. He will easily fit in with your favorite models and prop replicas, or tower above the smaller Ghostbusters action figures that you’ve collected over the years.