Sharon Stone Basic Instinct Statue

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She is tremendously mysterious and audacious, with an irresistibly sensual and glamorous beauty…boasting of sexual attraction. Sideshow and Blitzway presents Sharon Stone in “Basic Instinct” through BLITZWAY’S “Superb Scale Statues” (1/4 Scale) series.

Her name truly represents the sexiest icon and movie star of American cinema. A heinous and atrocious killer representing the 1990s, with another distinctive type of characteristic from Dr. Hannibal Lecter – Catherine Tramell. In this project, they used the most impressive scene of the movie – “Catherine in the interrogation room”. The artists wanted to convey the inner side of Catherine so they meticulously sculpted her facial expressions as though she was boldly enjoying a psychological game. To complement her facial expression, they made her body express dignity, confidence, and poise. Furthermore, a new technique of head painting presents more realistic facial looks of the actress.

The costume is made of special fabrics to express the unmistakable costume silhouettes and natural wrinkles, while a realistic chair from the decade and other accessories are used to complete the setting and atmosphere of the interrogation room.

Experience her secret and irresistible whisper that is sharper than ice, making what you already know irrelevant and powerless. Is there anyone who can resist her secret and deadly seduction?