Scar Predator Alien VS Predator Life-Size Bust

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This Predator is one of the Predators that appeared in the pyramid ruins under the Antarctic for the initiation ritual in the 2004 movie AVP: Alien vs Predator.

The Predators that appeared in this movie were all designed with human-like skin tone, larger bodies and longer dread hair compared to the previous Predators that appeared in the franchise. They would also have armor to fight against the Aliens.

This young Predator, who scarred his own forehead in the movie, is known as “Scar” and has gained popularity among many fans.

Production was based on the screen-used suit, which was created by ADI studio, and CoolProps replicated Scar Predator’s true face in the bust model.

This figure shows the Predator who bravely engaged in mortal combat with his massive enemy! It will be the perfect addition to your Predator collection.