Indiana Jones Fedora Indiana Jones Apparel

Indiana Jones is a world-renowned adventurer and professor of archeology. Known as the go-to-guy for artifact retrieval, Indy is frequently called to save priceless relics from falling into the wrong hands. His travels often put him at odds with dangerous rivals, battling enemies from power-hungry Nazis to voodoo priests. Jones pieces together mysterious clues, deciphers ancient maps and navigates deadly booby-traps in pursuit of worldly treasures. Armed with his trusty bullwhip and charming wit, Indiana Jones recovers priceless artifacts, charming damsels along the way. – Price for illustration only. Check price and Availability by clicking Order Now


Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the officially licensed Indiana Jones fedoras of premium hat maker Dorfman Pacific. Each handcrafted hat is made of the highest-quality material. The 100% wool, crushable Indiana Jones fedora can be rolled, folded, or scrunched and will return to its original shape. Each piece features a 2.5″ brim with grosgrain ribbon trim and an official Indiana Jones pin. Men’s size X-LARGE.