Hatching Baby Raptor Jurassic Park Prop Replica

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They imprint on the first creature they come in contact with…”

Presenting the perfect companion piece to our Jurassic Park 1:1 Velociraptor Egg, the Jurassic Park 1:1 Hatching Baby Raptor! In the original Jurassic Park, during the initial explanation of the science behind the park, owner John Hammond walks the team through the laboratory to show off the incubator nests that have brought the dinosaurs in the park to life. While they examine the eggs within the incubators, one of them begins to tap, then crack. With minimal assistance from Mr. Hammond, a little baby Velociraptor emerges from the egg and opens its eyes for the first time.

Watching the birth of the baby Raptor was an amazing and yet unnerving experience. For Chronicle Collectibles, that scene has always struck a chord and it’s been something they’ve wanted to do for a long time. Fortunately, the wait is over!

For this spectacular life-size collectible, Chronicle Collectibles has worked painstakingly to perfectly capture the baby Velociraptor’s struggle to free itself from its egg shell.

Please note that the baby Raptor cannot be removed from the egg (it’s for your own safety, after all) and the final base is pending. The Jurassic Park 1:1 Hatching Baby Raptor is ideal for cosplay or even just as the coolest piece of life-size Jurassic Park merchandise to ever fit on your desk.

This limited edition Jurassic Park 1:1 Hatching Baby Raptor can be yours today and be sure to pair it with our Jurassic Park 1:1 Velociraptor Egg  for an amazing display and conversation piece!