. Oddworld just got Stranger. In Oddworld Stranger (on xBox), the new chapter in the award-winning Oddworld series, players step into the role of the Stranger, a mysterious bounty hunter who tracks down outlaws for moolah. Using a special weapons system that gives a whole new meaning to “live” ammo, players will encounter massive environments, devious opponents and hostile challenges along the way.

Oddworld Stranger (on xBox) (on xBox) combines first and third-person gameplay with familiar Oddworld elements and an all-new engine to deliver a unique gameplay experience. Set to award-winning visuals, players will be moved by the complex and inspiring story as the Stranger comes to grips with his true nature in the hunt for the ultimate bounty.

Set in expansive and interactive environments ranging from an old western town to thick forests to vast industrial complexes, the heart of the game lies in the 1st person mode and the use of “live” ammo. “Live” ammo uses captured creatures in the game-world as ammunition for Stranger’s unique double barreled crossbow. Each creature has a different effect on its target and different combinations allows for a variety of game-play strategies – from stealth action to full mayhem. Powerful upgraded versions allow even greater devastation than the original ammo types.

Switching in real-time from 1st to 3rd person view allows the player to run at top speed through the richly detailed environments, ramming the opposition and with the use of the triggers on the controller, initiating melee combat via a head butt or spinning/flying fists maneuver.

Along the way, Stranger will encounter a variety of townspeople, enemies, and natives that could only be found in the Oddworld universe. Via the humorous and elegant implementation of AI and GameSpeak? all of these NPC’s are capable of revealing information important to the successful completion of a mission, level, or the game.

So stock up on “live” ammo and have your trusty crossbow at the ready as you prepare for a game experience unlike any other to date. It’s a brave, new Oddworld.

Key features

Play as the Stranger, a mysterious bounty hunter who tracks down outlaws for moolah.

Live ammo…literally! Collect 8 unique types of “live” ammunition including Chippunks, Fuzzles, Thudslugs and Boombats.

Ammo upgrades increase the power and effectiveness of your “live” ammo.

Melee attacks including ramming and head-butting to subdue your bounties and collect your moolah.

Expansive and interactive environments ranging from detailed towns, lush forests, and massive industrial facilities all set in the Oddworld universe.

Fully customizable double-barreled crossbow allows for a plethora of ammo combinations. It’s the definitive one-two punch.

Employing different gameplay strategies with the touch of a button, smoothly switching between 1st person to 3rd person action.

Non-linear progression: You choose the bounties, allowing you to gather information to get the edge on your adversaries.

With the single touch of a button, Gamespeak?technology allows you to converse with the locals to gather valuable information to help you in your adventures.

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