Next Classic Dr Who DVD is Genesis


.10th April 2006 will see the release of the classic Doctor Who DVD release will be Genesis of the Daleks.

Genesis of the Daleks sees the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) transported by the Time Lords to the planet Skaro in order stop Davros from crating the daleks

The two- disc set contains over two hours of special features including:

Commentary with Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen, Peter Miles (Nyder) and director David Maloney
Genesis of a Classic – cast and crew recall working on the story in this specially shot documentary

The Dalek Tapes – new documentary narrated by Terry Molloy (who plays Davros in other Doctor Who stories), that tells the story of the Doctor’s most iconic villain, including rare footage from programmes such as Blue Peter
Blue Peter – a March 1975 item looking at a collection of Doctor Who models
Doctor Who 1976 Annual as a PDF

Radio Times Billings

Continuity Compilation

Photo Gallery

Subtitle production notes

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