New Asian Horror


.The UK’s leading independent distributor of horror and cult movies is launching a new label – ANCHOR BAY DARK ASIA, which will specialise in bringing new horror productions direct from Asia to UK cinema and DVD audiences.
First DVD release will be on 22nd August. THE COMMITMENT is a supernatural chiller with a group of high school graduates embarking on a terrifying journey into the unknown. Rather than fail their university entrance exams, they pledge their souls to a demonic, vengeful spirit leading them on a trail of doom and despair.
First theatrical release will be APT, a screamer from the ‘Korean Hitchcock’ AHN Byung-ki – director of Nightmare and Phone – which was highly sought after at Cannes. APT is a classical style horror: a series of murders, a young man in an apartment block observing that the lights in other apartments are turned on and off at exactly the same time, a growing sense of paranoia and mystery. Director AHN has created a frightening, behind-the-sofa movie which will be seen at UK cinemas at the end of this year.
Other titles confirmed for release include DARK TALES OF JAPAN, a collection of six short horrors from the cream of Japanese terror directors including Hideo Nakata (Ring), Kiyoshi Kurosawa (Cure, Kairo) and Takashi Shimizu (The Grudge). Kiyoshi Kurosawa is also the man behind LOFT, a blood-curdling horror thriller about an archaeologist and a 1000 year old mummy. THE JOURNAL is a Korean epic involving an Antartctic expedition unearthing the old journal of an earlier British expedition and experiencing bizarre, chilling phenomena as they attempt to get to the most unreachable point on the wilderness continent.
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