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The original 6-part BBC Radio 4 comedy sci-fi series, written by Graham Duff and starring Mark Gatiss (League of Gentlemen) and David Warner (The Omen, Straw Dogs, Time Bandits) is now available to download courtesy of BBC Audiobooks. – See Here

The year is 2099 and Professor Nebulous (Mark Gatiss) is the director of K.E.N.T – the Key Environmental Nonjudgemental Taskforce.

In a post-apocalyptic England, things will never be the same again. Cattle-clasm has wiped out the majority of our livestock, the year has been restructured to include new months such as Octember and Janril, and there’s even a new season, hamble, which falls between spring and summer and is generally drizzly.

Meanwhile, Professor Nebulous – a brilliant, if eccentric eco-conscious scientist – is determined to get Mother Earth back on the right track.

Nebulous runs an eco-troubleshooting organisation called K.E.N.T which is so woefully underfunded they have to subsidise their work by running a launderette.

Nevertheless, Nebulous must pit his wits against whatever challenges the Earth’s distorted ecosystem throws at him – be it sentient dust, killer cacti or ‘garrow’ – a new colour which sends people insane.

However, Nebulous’s work is continually undermined, often by the ineptitude of his own team: the overenthusiastic and under-qualified Paula Breeze; man of action Rory Lawson; and tactical equipment specialist Harry Hayes, who uses a wheelchair.

Directed by Nick Briggs (Doctor Who ?Dalek Conquests) and written by Graham Duff, the cast includes Mark Gatiss as Professor Nebulous, David Warner as Dr Klench, Graham Crowden as Sir Ronald Rolands, Paul Putner as Harry and Rosie Cavaliero as Paula Breeze

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