Review By Brian Edwards, 3.5 out of 5

My Little Eye two disc DVD with Special Browser viewing mode. Also available on VHS

My Little Eye capitalises on the reality TV fads of late, using this premise to site 5 strangers in a house in the middle of nowhere. This gives a run of the mill twentysomethings in a house being chased by a stalker with a big knife and little else to do.

Well that is what my expectations were… I was pleasantly surprised. It is true that the reality TV / Big Brother style film has been done before (most recently prior to this in the not too bad Halloween Resurrection!), but here we have a film that is completely filmed as if it were such a TV show. Critics have said that this pushes the film into the post Blair Witch mould of using DV / Night-vision cameras to ‘scary effect’. There may be something in this, but the camera work is carried off very well giving the film a very distinct mood.

The plot, as stated earlier, brings together 5 strangers into a reality TV game show where they have to remain in a house in a remote location for a period of time. The prize is $1 Million and if they wish to keep the prize no one is to leave until the game is over. In the last week, however, things take a nasty turn…

There is a genuine sense of paranoia and the film gains considerable momentum not faltering after the mandatory introductions have passed and things start to happen.

There is a sense of I have seen this all before but as the execution of the movie is well carried out the build up to the (not so surprising but still shocking) ending gripped me.

The most hyped thing about this DVD is the interactive browser mode, where you can view the film as if you are one of the webcast viewers. This was slightly disappointing as my expectations led me to believe that you can choose multiple camera angles for each and every scene, but it is still a hugely recommended albeit for a second or third viewing of the movie.

The code required to gain this extra mode is hidden in the packaging… hopefully it will remain hidden until you have seen the film once as the temptation to use the browser mode which distracts for the atmospheric qualities of the film.

Other features are deleted scenes, which you can see why they were deleted but they give you a further insight to some of the characters. Also there is the mandatory making of documentary.

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