Mission Galactica



Universal Playback presents Mission Galactica ?The Movie: forget the new series, this is how Battlestar Galactica should be remembered

The Battlestar Galactica is running dangerously low on fuel and all seems bleak when help comes to hand in the form of the supposedly lost Battlestar Pegasus, which is taking an offensive tactic with the arch enemy Cylons.
The impending attack by the Cylon robots must be stopped. Two commanders, Commander Adama (Lorne Green) and Commander Cain (Lloyd Bridges), have differing views on how to defeat their enemies?hat will the outcome be?

Dirk Benedict and Lorne Greene star in the seminal movie that remains a fond favourite in the eyes of many a sci-fi fan!

  • Release date: 6th August 2007
  • RRP: ?5.99
  • Certificate: U
  • Discs: 1
  • Running time: 1 hr 45 mins

Mission Galactica ?1979 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved

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