Review By Paul Mount, 3 out of 5 Guillermo del Toro’s giant bug flick MIMIC was one of the more underrated horror movies of the last few years (and a considerably better film than his recent bloodless BLADE sequel). Here comes the rather belated straight-to-video sequel. Del Toro is nowhere in sight but the Judas Breed ?the mutated strain of cockroach which impersonates its greatest prey ?is. Its greatest prey? That’d be Man, then. We’re still in New York (where the last infestation occurred) and the Mimic has reappeared, this time terrorising wreaking havoc in and around an inner city school. Blundering into its path comes the relationship-phobic teacher Remy (Alix Koromzay). She becomes a prime suspect when bodies are found in the back streets with their faces literally torn off. But when Remy and two local kids Nicky (Will Estes) and Sol (Gavin Eugene Lucas) are trapped in the school being pursued by the relentless Mimic creature, even the investigating detective Klaski (Bruno Campos) finds himself on the run and forced to confront a creature from his worst nightmares.

It’s cheap B-movie stuff, with a brief running time (around 75 minutes) but there’s plenty of chills and thrills and oozing coloured fluid as various bugs are flattened and humans are doused (or splooged) in gunge. It’s a much smaller scale movie but the acting’s pleasing enough and the thing’s quite well directed. Worth a look for horror fans and even for admirers of the classy original.

THE DISC: Nice and clear picture transfer, remarkable considering that it’s all dark and rainy on screen. Currently rental only the disc includes some brief ‘making of’ featurettes, a few deleted scenes which would have added little to the film apart from a few minutes on the running time, and a feature on adding the music to the film. Not exactly breaking new ground but worthwhile stuff for a fairly low-key cheapo release.

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