Land Of The Dead


.Ever wondered what you’d do if you had several hundred zombies after you?
With GEORGE ROMERO’S LAND OF THE DEAD about to hit our cinema screens, we
reckon it’s a question that’ll be on everyone’s lips. Do you bash ’em? Shoot
’em? Stab ’em, or – our personal favourite – run like the clappers to get
away. Tune in to SCI FI on Saturday 17 September at 10pm where the answers
are revealed in GEORGE ROMERO’S NIGHT OF THE DEAD. A special movie double
bill hosted by the horror-meister himself, George reveals his favourite
Zombie Survival Tips and introduces his seminal movies DAWN OF THE DEAD and

Here’s the lowdown on George’s top zombie-dodging tips:

Tip 1

“Zombies have a taste for human flesh. Like a school of piranhas, they can
take you down to bone in a few seconds. Don’t travel alone…maybe you can
get them to feed on one of your friends.”

Tip 2

“My zombies move slowly so if you have a car, you might put it to good use
by chasing after them and running them over. You might get a ticket, but you
also might survive the evening.”

Tip 3

“If in escaping zombies you find yourself hiding in a shopping mall, you can
leave your credit card at home. You’re better off with a sawed off shot gun
– spend a few rounds, not pounds!”

Tip 4

“Almost anything can be used as a weapon against zombies. If you have a
shovel in the garage try sharpening up the blade, and see if you can think
of something creative to do with it.”

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