Based on Rowan Atkinson’s spoof bungling superspy of the TV Barclaycard ads a few years back, JOHNNY ENGLISH sees the former BLACKADDER genius back on the big screen after his solo success in BEAN ?THE ULTIMATE DISASTER MOVIE and his guest-starring role in the lamentable RAT RACE last year. Atkinson’s never better than when he’s in control; of his own creation and here, as British Intelligence’s least-intelligent (and last remaining) secret agent, he’s on top form. JOHNNY ENGLISH has been described as a Bond spoof ?forget it. Some of the unavoidable clich?of the Bond genre are there ?hi-tech gadgets, flash car, slinky female ?but JOHNNY ENGLISH’s humour, lavatorial as it sometimes is, is more rooted in traditional British slapstick and farce, much of it reliant on Atkinson’s legendary rubber features and his ability to say ‘wibble’ in t ]]>

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