Hunting Ground: Painstakingly Detailed SciFi World-building

Hunting Ground and Other Stories
Hunting Ground and Other Stories

Welcome to Gondolend, a world where two moons shine in the night sky, where the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, and where man and dinosaur coexist.

This is the wild, vibrant setting of Hunting Ground and Other Stories, a genre-busting anthology combining naturalistic science fiction, the very latest knowledge in paleontology, and painstakingly detailed world-building. Initially created around the year 2000 as a response to the woefully inaccurate portrayals of dinosaurs in popular media, Gondolend provides a breath of fresh air for any dinosaur fans tired of seeing the same old outdated and monstrous depictions of their favorite prehistoric animals in fiction.

The main attraction of this anthology is the novella Hunting Ground, in which two giant predators appear from seemingly out of nowhere in the equatorial Democratic Republic of Samaraland and begin wreaking havoc on the local animal population. When amateur zoologist Gina Herodias comes across one of their shed teeth in a rotting dinosaur carcass, the race is on to document the mysterious giants in the name of science before they’re brought down by the vengeful local ranchers in defense of their livestock.

In addition, Hunting Ground and Other Stories features a selection of short stories and vignettes spanning over a thousand years of history, giving the reader tantalizing glimpses of a vast, rich world populated by a wide variety of peoples and cultures, each with their own unique histories, beliefs, and customs.


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