Horror Movie VFW


vfw-horror-movieAction-horror, VFW, had its UK Premiere at FrightFest Glasgow 2020 on Saturday 7th March ahead of its Digital Download.

Acclaimed Horror director Joe Begos ( Almost Human, Bliss) & producers Amanda Presmyk ( Dragged Across Concrete) & Dallas Sonnier ( Bone Tomahawk) bring together this ” insanely fun cast” (Bloody Disgusting) in ” a gory and fun throwback to ’80s punk rock action movies” (Flickering Myth). VFW assembles cult film royalty featuring performances from Martin Kove ( Karate Kid), Stephen Lang ( Avatar), Fred Williamson ( From Dusk Till Dawn) & William Sadler ( Die Hard 2).

The film is set in the near future where the city has been reduced to a dystopian wasteland due to the scourge of “Hype,” a powerful narcotic that induces a simultaneous euphoric and aggressive state in its users. Kingpin Boz ( Travis Hammer) impulsively asks a hyper to commit suicide for his own amusement; later, the girl’s teenage sister, Lizard ( Sierra McCormick), slips into Boz’s lair and steals his Hype supply in revenge.

Lizard flees across the street to a decaying VFW hall, where she encounters Vietnam veteran Fred Parras ( Stephen Lang) and a contingent of ageing soldiers who spend their days reminiscing about their lost youth, growing irrelevancy, and impending deaths. Presented with a final battle and opportunity to go down fighting rather than pass away ignominiously from old age, Fred and his men decide to protect Lizard and wage a final war against Boz, his henchmen, and the hypers.

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