GHOST SHIP. It does what it says on the tin. Lovers of cheap fright-free horror flicks may go a bundle on this one but, like most modern horror movies ?even the ironic, self-referential ones ?it left me rather cold. It’s not that it’s bad, despite what the sniffy genre press may say. It’s just that its whole setting and storyline evokes similar movies ?good ones like DEEP RISING and staggeringly-bad ones like VIRUS. For God’s sake, there’s even an element of TITANIC in there.

1962. The passengers of a cruise liner are quite literally torn apart (a remarkably gruesome opening sequence artlessly reprised later in the film for those who didn’t believe it first time). 40 years later and a grubby salvage crew led by Murphy (Gabriel Byrne slumming it) is hired to investigate sightings of a rusting wreck drifting thousands of miles off the shipping lines. Th ]]>

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