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Available to buy on DVD, UMD?Video and Blu-ray / to rent on DVD
2nd July 2007

Marvel Comic’s flame-skulled spirit of vengeance burns up the screen this summer as Ghost Rider roars onto DVD in a new two disc Extended Cut on 2nd July 2007, also available to buy on UMD?Video and Blu-ray and to rent on DVD, courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Written and directed by MARK STEVEN JOHNSON (Daredevil), Ghost Rider stars Academy Award?winner NICOLAS CAGE (Grindhouse, World Trade Center, Face/Off), EVA MENDES (Hitch, Once Upon A Time In Mexico), WES BENTLEY (Weirdsville, American Beauty) and cinema legend PETER FONDA (Escape From LA, Easy Rider).

Johnny Blaze (CAGE) was only a teenaged stunt biker when he sold his soul to the devil (FONDA) to save his dying father. Years later, Mephistopheles is back to claim his part of the bargain. A world famous daredevil by day, at night Blaze is transformed into the fearsome Ghost Rider and condemned to work as the devil�s bounty hunter, bringing evil souls on earth back to hell.

When a twist of fate brings his long-lost love (MENDES) back into his life, Johnny realizes he might have a second chance at happiness – if he can defeat the devil and win back his soul. First he must face Blackheart (BENTLEY), the devil’s rebellious son, who threatens to usurp his father’s place and bring hell on earth. Only the Ghost Rider stands between mankind and eternal darkness!

Packed with explosive action sequences and hair-raising special effects, Ghost Rider: Extended Cut features 13 minutes of never-before-seen footage, plus unmissable added value, including a Making Of documentary, cast and crew commentaries and a featurette on the history of the Ghost Rider comic.

  • Title: Ghost Rider
  • Release Date: 2nd July 2007
  • Format: Retail DVD / Retail Blu-ray / Rental DVD
  • DVD RRP: DVD ?9.99 / Blu-ray ?4.99
  • Certificate: 15
  • Genre: Action / Comic Book Adventure
  • Running Time: 118 mins
  • DVD Extras:
    • Deleted Scenes
    • Commentary With Writer & Director
    • Spirit of Vengeance: The Making of Ghost Rider documentary (60 mins)
    • Sin and Salvation – featurette on the history of the Ghost Rider comic (90 mins)
    • Post-production featurette
    • Commentary with Nicolas Cage and Mark Steven Johnson
    • Commentary with producers Avi Arad, Gary Foster and Michael De Luca

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