It’s one year since Alix Browning, Clear Rivers and some of their assorted school chums escaped a fiery death when their plane, destined for Paris, blew up in mid-air, killing everyone on board. Fortunately Alix foresaw the disaster in a premonition ?but Death was a bit peeved because his Grand Design was upset. Alix and his chums quickly realised, as their numbers were whittled away in terrible circumstances, that Fate has a way of catching up with youzp>

The original FINAL DESTINATION was a surprise hit back in 2000 both artistically and at the box office, offering some neat twists on the tired motifs of the traditional teen horror movie. Here then comes the sequel and what a pleasant surprise to find that it’s easily as good as the original.

In FINAL DESTINATION 2 Kimberly (Cook) and her spaced-out mates are off on a road trip. They find themselves gridlocked and Kim ]]>

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