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.Join the original Fantastic Four when the animated heroes rocket onto DVD for the first time ever on 11th July

Explore the world of the first ever imaginauts and revel in non-stop superhero action this summer, when five thrilling episodes from the original and hugely popular animated series, Fantastic Four, explode onto DVD on 11th July. Preceding the Fantastic Four feature film by over ten years, the original series will be a must own DVD for any Marvel enthusiast and fans of the TV series. Follow the team of superhero adventurers from the longest running Marvel series in history, as they use their fantastic abilities to protect humanity, the earth and the universe from evil threats that stand in their way.
Learn where the Fantastic Four legend began and how they came to be the greatest squad of superhuman adventurers ever assembled. When their experimental space voyage goes badly wrong, the four of them are changed forever by the universe’s cosmic rays. Upon crash landing back on Earth, the four occupants of the craft find themselves transformed and possessed with special new powers.

This versatile superhero team are modelled on the four classical Greek elements and have fantastic abilties. Reed Richards, keen scientific explorer and fearless leader of the group represents water. He gains the ability to stretch his body into nearly any shape he could imagine and takes the name Mr. Fantastic. His wife, Sue Storm is wind. She discovers she can turn invisible at will and project incredibly powerful force fields, so becomes Invisible Girl. Her younger brother, Johnny Storm transforms into the unstoppable Human Torch – the element of fire and is able to project burning bolts of flame from his body. The fourth member of the group, Ben Grimm, takes on a complete physical transformation and gains unbelievable power. He names himself The Thing and his strength symbolises earth.

The five episodes see the group battle the forces of evil in the form of The Puppet Master and Dr Doom, who put danger and near impossible missions in the group’s way. The evil villains will stop at nothing to gain world domination and in these exciting escapades, the Fantastic Four must join together to turn tragedy into triumph.

This bold and original animation depicts some of the wildest adventures from the Marvel series. Fantastic Four will take pride of place in any Marvel enthusiast’s collection and fans of the show will be inspired by the stellar bonus features, which include episode introductions by the legendary creator Stan Lee.
Fantastic Four: A Legend Begins is available to own on DVD from 11th July and features five animated episodes that build into one marvellous adventure
The Origins of The Fantastic Four (Part One)

The Fantastic Four recall the origin of their powers and their first battle with the Puppet Master during a Dick Clark charity show.

The Origins of The Fantastic Four (Part Two)

The Puppet Master turns The Thing against the Fantastic Four, but his plans fall apart when his step-daughter, Alicia, falls in love with The Thing and sides with the team.

The Mask of Doom (Part One)
Doctor Doom has captured the Fantastic Four, taking them to his treacherous castle.

The Mask of Doom (Part Two)

Sue learns about Doctor Doom’s past, while the others deal with the castle’s traps. When they find him, Doom offers a deal: travel back in time to retrieve an ancient casket or Sue will be killed.

The Mask of Doom (Part Three)

Reed, Johnny, and Ben arrive in ancient Greece, with only forty-eight hours to find the casket. Their problems multiply, however, when they get into the middle of the Battle of Thermopalye.

Release date: 11th July 2005
Certificate: U

Running Time: 100 mins (approx)

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