EXCLUSIVE Total Recall Competition



One winner will win 5 Tickets To any UK LazerQuest and a Total Recall Special Edition DVD set PLUS 4 runners up will each win a Total Recall DVD set
No need to dream about it anymore – the eagerly anticipated double disc
special edition release of TOTAL RECALL is set to hit the streets on 13 June
2005 courtesy of Momentum Pictures. Featuring limited edition packaging and
crammed with a host of enticing special features, this technically superior
DVD release is a blast from past that has been superbly enhanced by the digital

We have 5 copies of the brilliant special edition DVD to give away.
PLUS Thanks to Momentum we can offer a party of 5 free passes to any UK Lazer Quest [www.laserquest.co.uk/] so that you can run round shooting people quoting Arnie’s one liners

“Fast, witty, glamorous, with thrill piling on giggle atop gasp.”
Time Magazine

Set in the year 2084, TOTAL RECALL tells the tale of Douglas Quaid, a construction
worker on Earth who is haunted by his dreams of another life on Mars. Obsessed
with the red planet he asks Rekell Inc. to put artificial memories of Mars into
his brain, but during the process, his real memories and another personality
come to the surface. Who is he…? What happened on Mars…? Why is
everyone trying to kill him…?
The Arnold Schwarzenegger classic is out to own on the 13th June.

To view the brilliant trailer click here

For your chance to win, enter our brilliant competition below and answer our
simple question.

What is the name of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character?
a) Douglas Quaid
b) Randy Quaid
c) Mike Quaid

(c) 1990 Studio Canal Image. All rights reserved.

To enter just fill out your e-mail address / answer / address before
the 27th June 2005 to enter the competition!

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