Evil Aliens is a film about Aliens that are Evil… no really.

The film opens with a couple ‘enjoying’ each other in a stone circle located on an isolated island off the Welsh coast. The unsuspecting couple are then abducted by aliens and the woman is impregnated. She tells her story to a low budget cable type TV show that explores UFOs and the paranormal.
When the TV crew arrive on the Welsh island where the evil doings took place the fun begins.

The best performance was given by Peter McNeil O’Connor who plays Jack Campbell the TV crews sound recordist. The rest of the cast were very much suited to their roles. Chris Adamson (Llyr Williams) has some very comical and serious moments as one of the welsh farmers.

This film contains my favourite death scene ever and a rather gory sequence that will bring the Wurzels biggest hit into a new light. Just has to be seen to be appreciated. Evil Aliens has something for everyone . It has romance, action, sex, gore, humour, alien sex, gore, alien pets and you’ve guessed it more gore.
Unfortunately the one big thing that lets this film down is the Alien ship interiors, although they are well done, there ‘look and feel’ doesn’t seem to mesh very well with the the rest of the production. Though as this is an alien ship interior maybe that is the point.

This film also shows that the geek can be the hero. What more do you need? … Nothing.


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