EarthSea Comes To DVD


.Legendary author Ursula K. Le Guin’s Nebula and Hugo Award-winning EARTHSEA series of books has gained a reputation equal to that of Tolkien’s ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ and Lewis’s ‘Narnia’ chronicles among fans of fantasy fiction. Now her richly imagined masterpiece comes to DVD as an epic mini-series starring Shawn Ashmore (X-Men), Kristin Kreuk (TV’s Smallville), Isabella Rossellini (Roger Dodger; Merlin), Danny Glover (the Lethal Weapon movies) and Katherine Isabelle (star of the Ginger Snaps trilogy).

Protected by the High Priestess Thar (Isabella Rossellini), the sacred Amulet of Peace has ensured centuries of harmony between the humans and the dragons living in the mystical world of Earthsea. But during an attack on the temple in which it is housed, the Amulet is broken in two and Earthsea has only one chance of restoring the relic, and with it peace – a simple blacksmith’s son and neophyte wizard, Ged (Shawn Ashmore). Eager to hone his magical gift and prove his worth, Ged sets off on a dangerous quest, during which he will be forced to face an ancient rite of passage before he can find the priceless treasure he seeks. From the layer of the Nameless Ones to the hidden chambers of Earthsea, Ged must survive impossible and fantastical dangers on a journey to manhood that, before it is over, will see him combat dragons, fall in love, cross death’s threshold and ultimately wield the power to reunite a planet.

EARTHSEA combines the grand scope of ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ with the magic of ‘Harry Potter’ and the breathtaking imagination of the ‘Narnia’ chronicles, to conjure a fantastic action-adventure saga like no other.
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