Doctor Who: Travels in Time and Space CD


.Released 7th November 2005

Duration 17hrs 20 min
CD Tin Set ?5.00
BBC Audiobooks

This superbly illustrated, limited edition tin contains the complete and unabridged readings of three classic Doctor Who novelisations, each read by William Russell and enhanced with original music and special effects.

Doctor Who and the Daleks is the Doctor’s first exciting adventure with the ruthless natives of the planet Skaro, and the book in which Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright join the Doctor and Susan aboard the TARDIS.

In Doctor Who and the Crusaders, the scene of adventure is the 12th Century Holy Land, where the TARDIS crew encounters Richard the Lionheart in his war against the Saracens.

Doctor Who and the Zarbi finds the TARDIS drawn to the eerie planet Vortis, on which the Doctor and his companions encounter a host of alien creatures including the Menoptera, the Animus and the Zarbi.

Reader William Russell played Ian Chesterton in the original television series; this makes him a superb choice of reader for these classic, fondly-remembered books (published as Target Paperbacks in the 1970s). In addition to the readings, he also shared his memories of making the stories for television.

This is the first and only time these readings will be available on CD.
Ideal Christmas Gift for a Doctor Who Oldie fan
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