Doctor Who ?The Christmas Invasion


Further to our review of the Children in Need Doctor Who Clip we now have full details of the Dr Who Christmas Invaion episode.

Jackie Tyler is at home preparing for the festive season, unsure of whether or not her daughter Rose will be home in time, when she hears the familiar sound of the TARDIS.

Mickey, who is hard at work, also hears it and they both race across the estate just in time to witness its glorious, chaotic crash landing. The doors open and, much to their delight, out steps Rose and a complete stranger.

Except it isn’t a stranger. It’s the Doctor. Disorientated, yet overwhelmed to see them, he takes a few minutes to regain his balance and considers what it is he wants to tell them before yelling: “Oh, I know! Merry Christmas!” then promptly collapses.

The Doctor falls in and out of consciousness, with Rose and Jackie powerless to help him. In a bid to boost Rose’s spirits, Mickey suggests a spot of Christmas shopping, but they soon find themselves under attack by a sinister brass band of masked Santas.

However, they are not the only ones with problems. Prime Minister Harriet Jones has just been informed that a British space probe, on its way to Mars for a Christmas Day landing, has gone missing. It has been kidnapped by a monstrous race known as the Sycorax, who are set on taking over the world.

Doctor Who ?The Christmas Invasion is due to be aired on BBC 1 on Christmas Day 2005. ]]>

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