Doctor Who: Energy of the Daleks


Energy of the Daleks - Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Adventures
Doctor Who: Energy of the Daleks

Written by Nicholas Briggs

Published by Big Finish

Yes, the Doctor’s most feared enemies are back in this latest release in Big Finish’s series of audio adventures featuring the Fourth Doctor and Leela.?

Landing in almost contemporary London, the duo discover protests in Trafalgar Square against GlobeSphere’s moonbase project, which will produce unlimited energy for all. While Leela is arrested as a would-be rioter, the Doctor joins an embittered GlobeSphere director to uncover a diabolical Dalek plot.

As the Doctor’s temporary foil, Mark Benton’s performance is so well rounded that I’d love to hear more from him.?Fans will know that Louise Jameson never got to meet the Daleks on screen, and she doesn’t waste the opportunity here – her scenes in a Roboman conversion chamber generating the greatest menace and tension in the whole audio.

But here lies the problem. There’s just so much packed into these 60 minutes, with Nick Brigg’s script flitting between London, the Moon and a time ship from Skaro, that the Dalek’s masterplan receives no breathing space at all. In fact, we only become aware of that plan a few minute before the end. Compared to Leela’s story arc, this main plot lacks real heft.

The problem lies in the story structure. This series is produced as two 30 minute episodes an adventure, but really, Energy of the Daleks would have benefitted from another 30 minutes at least. The multifaceted plot could easily take it.

Still, there is much to enjoy here, and no other Doctor faces the Daleks with such fervour as number Four. Fans should revel in the opportunity to hear him do it again.

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