DEAD END appears to be just the latest in a long line of modern horror flicks about people lost in the great American outdoors being terrorised and slaughtered by something nameless and unstoppable. You know the movies I mean – the likes of JEEPERS CREEPERS, WRONG TURN, CABIN FEVER. It? a curious little horror genre which has become increasingly popular over the last few years. But familiarity has a terrible habit of breeding contempt and it? becoming increasingly difficult to put a new spin on what is essentially a one-shot idea. DEAD END manages it though, coming off like a bizarre cross between BLAIR WITCH and WRONG TURN.

The premise is simple and effective. An all-American family are making their way across State for the Christmas holidays. But when dad Frank (Wise) falls asleep at the wheel and apparently narrowly avoids a collision with an onco ]]>

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