I’m always wary of big-budget, high-profile Hollywood blockbusters which come out in February or March. Aren’t they good enough to be trusted in the summer melee? Do the studios push them out when the cineplexes are jaded and still full of tired Christmas extravaganzas hoping that bored audiences will try a film they might not normally bother with out of sheer desperation? The last fews years have seen a number of potentially ‘big’ movies slipped out in the early part of the year ?LOST IN SPACE and HANNIBAL are two which spring immediately to mind ?which crash and burn when their creative inadequacies become common knowledge. So it is likely to be with DAREDEVIL, the strangest and most ill-advised superhero flick since SUPERMAN 4 ?THE QUEST FOR PEACE (ask your parents).

DAREDEVIL just doesn’t feel right. Whereas the amazing Spider-Man is a Marvel creat ]]>

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