CSI + Quentin Tarantino = Grave Danger


A triumph for Channel 5 when it was aired, Grave Danger pulled in a massive 3.6 million viewers, while over the Atlantic 35 million people tuned in. An absolute must see, along with our CSI regulars there? cameo appearances from Tony Curtis as himself and the late Frank Gorshin (the original Riddler from the Batman TV series).

Hot on the heels of ratings triumph, the Grave Danger episodes have now been nominated for an Emmy?in the forthcoming 57th Annual Awards in the Outstanding Directing For A Drama Series category. Adding to the overall series nomination for Outstanding Makeup (non Prosthetic), Outstanding Sound Editing and Outstanding Single-Camera Sound Mixing.

Created by Jerry Bruckheimer (Pirates of the Caribbean, Pearl Harbour) and Alliance Atlantis in 2000, CSI revolutionised the cop show formula by showing the unsung heroes of the investigations: the Crime Scene Investigators. The jewel in the crown of Channel Five it has spawned two spin offs: CSI: Miami and CSI: New York.
What happens when just doing your job leads you to mortal danger? Nick Stokes knows, and it? up to his team to find him before it? too late.

Working the night shift Warrick and Nick are up for the same assignments, with a single coin toss, Nick loses and goes to investigate a report of entrails found in a an alley. It is here, in this seedy alley that Nick vanishes. Kidnapped by a madman demanding a ransom, Nick is entombed in a clear coffin with nothing but a tape-recorder, 12 hours of air, glow sticks and his loaded service revolver. In a live web feed to his teammates, who can see and hear but not communicate with him, panic starts to take over. From here it? a frantic race against time to save Nick before his air runs out, it will take all of the CSI? skills, methods and cunning to save their colleague. Can they rise to this challenge or will this be the one case they cannot crack?

Says Tarantino of his experience; “I wanted to make the ‘CSI’ feel like a movie, but it was also important that I not take more time than any other director?n a series, if you like the first take, that’s it, move on. It’s also such a different dynamic to be working with actors who have been playing the same characters for five years and know them inside-out.”

Grave Danger DVD Details
Running time: Feature 84 mins approx. Extras 84 mins approx
Extras: Pilot episode of CSI Vegas and the pilot episode of CSI Miami ‘Golden Parachute’. ]]>

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