Charmed Wooden Chest DVD Set Series 1-8



The full series of CHARMED from S1 to S8 is available for the first time as a unique collectors item and complete box set from 5th March 2007!

Charmed is one of those rare TV series that has two final episodes, the only other example of which I can think of from the top of my head is Babylon 5.

A must for every CHARMED fan, own the full series from Season 1 through to the never before released Season 8 in this unique boxset. Combined in an enchanting wooden chest of the highest quality, with brass CHARMED plaque, lavish red velvet interior and certificate of authenticity, it? the first opportunity to own all eight seasons together in one magical set.

Though Season 8 of Charmed was some what tacked on as an afterthought when the show was surprisingly renewed, it does expand and give the show a much better conclusion to its long run that the ending presented at the end of Charmed Season 7

The ultimate gift for CHARMED enthusiasts and followers, this highly covetable, high quality, collectable boxed set is sure to become a sought after collectors item with the close of the hugely successful series.

Season 8 is loaded with exhilarating never before seen extras. It will initially only be available as part of the S1 to S8 Complete Boxset and is yet to be released in the US!

Watch as the ?harmed Ones?journey from modern-day witches to sizzling supernatural siblings in episode after episode of enchanting entertainment. Packed with beautiful beings, shocking trials, sensational storylines, remarkable special effects and emotional turmoil – CHARMED S1 to S8 COMPLETE BOXSET is the perfect brew of supernatural entertainment that will have you on the edge of your seat.

So say goodbye to the beautiful Halliwell sisters in style with the ultimate addition to any DVD and Charmed fans collection; it will leave you enchanted.

CHARMED S1 to S8 COMPLETE BOXSET is available to buy from 5th March 2007 from Paramount Home Entertainment. Certificate 15 (UK) and (EIRE)

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