Area 51 Exclusive In Game Footage


In this internet exclusive watch in-game footage from Area 51. This shows the beginning stages of the game and highlights combat features yoru character has.

Featuring online play for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox Live, Area 51 is set in the U.S. government? most top-secret and secure facility located in the Nevada desert. Players take on the role of Lt. Nick Cross, a hazardous biological waste specialist sent to investigate. During his investigation, Lt. Cross stumbles across alien creatures and becomes infected with a biological mutagen that eventually transforms him into something not quite human. To save the earth and himself, Lt. Cross must fight to solve the enigma of Area 51.

Area 51 takes the player through eight massive levels within a clandestine government complex. Combining intense combat, exploration, adventure, discovery, and puzzle solving, the game blends graphic violence with science fiction. As Lt. Cross, the player will discover secret areas and items, including the answers to this rumored government conspiracy.

Stan Winston, renowned creature designer, contributed to Area 51? intrigue by creating artwork of some of the disturbing alien characters and mutations featured in the game. For more than 30 years Stan Winston has developed characters, creatures and monsters for motion pictures and television. The four-time Academy Award winner is responsible for designing many of the most enduring creatures of the big screen, including the dinosaurs of ?urassic Park,?the extraterrestrial monstrosities of ?liens?and the fanciful character of ?dward Scissorhands.?Nominated for an Academy Award for ?.I.,?Stan Winston worked on the newly released ?3?starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Key Features:

Extensive Single-Player Campaign – Battle through corridors of Area 51 and attempt to discover the secrets of the extraterrestrial menace before it is too late

Story-Driven Epic Adventure – Engage in an epic adventure through eight massive sections of a secretive complex.

Evolving Gameplay – An infectious mutagen gives Lt. Nick Cross alien-enhanced physical abilities but is also slowly transforming him into an alien. Find the cure before it? too late and humanity is lost.

Government Conspiracies – Explore and discover a multitude of secret items and areas, and discover the real answers behind such conspiracy theories as the alien autopsy and faked lunar landing.

Multiplayer Combat – Compete against your friends via a four-player split screen and system link through numerous multiplayer game modes including Death Match.

Online Multiplayer Combat – Compete against friends via 4-player split screen , or battle it out online with your PlayStation? computer entertainment system or via Xbox?Live where players can easily take on opponents worldwide, find friends and set up their own matches.

Biological Mutations – An infectious mutagen has given players alien-enhanced physical abilities but is slowly transforming them into an alien. They must find the cure before it? too late and their humanity is lost.

Alien Menace – Face off against a horde of horrific creatures designed by Stan Winston Studios, monster creator for such films as Aliens,Jurassic Park and Predator.

Fearsome Weaponry – Players are armed with more than 10 types of human and alien weapons as they explore the dark and menacing corridors of Area 51.

Released May 27th 2005 on XBOX, PC CD, PS2 through Midway Games

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