Buckle up for an intergalactic trip down memory lane, as the complete season of the cult TV show Alien Nation is finally released on DVD. This six disc DVD box-set will be released on 8th January 2007 (RRP ?9.99) from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Revolutionising sci-fi in the 1980s and 1990s, Alien Nation linked alien themes to everyday life, bringing the genre into homes across the world. The six disc box-set contains the original TV movie and all 21 TV episodes, as well as audio commentary by Kenneth Johnson, the legendary sci-fi writer behind V, and The Incredible Hulk.

Created, written and directed by Johnson, Alien Nation chronicles the life of an alien race called the Tenctonese (or newcomers) after their ship crash lands on earth. The Tenctonese were bred and kept as slaves, and are now refugees, with no way of returning to their home planet. Forced to adapt to a new way of life in Los Angeles, they face the added hurdles of discrimination and fear from their human neighbours.

Tenctonese George Francisco (Eric Pierpoint, JAG) works in the LAPD, and is partnered with earthling Matt Sikes (Gary Graham, Star Trek: Enterprise). Together this unusual team are forced to overcome their multitude of differences in order to solve violent crimes, both human and alien.

Memorable episodes include ?ight of the Screams? as Francisco and Sikes investigate a series of Tenctonese murders where the victims?bodies have been mutilated to conform to an ancient Tenctonese legend. As Halloween draws nearer, the body count increases, and George sees the Legend of Tagdot coming true before his eyes, blurring his judgement as a police detective.

In ?hree to Tango? Sikes is astounded by the unusual anatomical features of a newcomer murder victim. This particular Tenctonese was a Binnaum, a kind of third sex, necessary to catalyse conception within the race. When further Binnaums are killed, it becomes obvious that someone is trying to put an end to the entire Tenctonese race?

Alien Nation Disc Specifics

Disc 1
?Alien Nation: The TV Movie (95.40)
?Fountain of Youth
?Audio Commentary by Kenneth Johnson
Disc 2
?Little Lost Lamb
?Fifteen with Wanda
?The Takeover
?The First Cigar
Disc 3
?Night of the Screams

?Three to Tango
?The Game
Disc 4
?Chains of Love

?The Red Room
?The Spirit of ?5
?Generation to Generation

Disc 5
?Eyewitness News

?Real Men
?Crossing the Line
Disc 6
?Gimmee, Gimmee

?The Touch
?Green Eyes
?Behind The Scenes (3.36)
. ]]>

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