Alien Autopsy


.Alien Autopsy, a British-produced comedy released through Warner Bros Pictures on April 7th with previews on April 5th, Certificate 12A, plays host to the cinema debuts of Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly.

Ant as Gary Shoefield (lawyer for a biscuit firm) and Declan as Ray Santilli (wheeler dealer Elvis enthusiast) star alongside Hollywood heavyweights Bill Pullman, Harry Dean Stanton and a stellar cast of British comic talent including Omid Djalili (Gladiator), Morwenna Banks (Absolutely) and Jimmy Carr.

The film is a story based on the true events of one of the biggest conspiracy theories of the 20th Century ?involving UFOs and a suspected alien autopsy in Roswell, New Mexico. In 1995, oblivious to this political and world-changing backdrop, Gary and Ray travel to the States on a hare-brained money-making scheme and stumble across the last remaining footage of the alien autopsy.

The plot follows them halfway across the States and then back to England – the footage starts to disintegrate en route, there are mounting debts to pay to a local drug baron and they have nothing to show for it! The boys take drastic action and decide to re-enact the autopsy in Garys?sister? sitting room. The resulting film premiere attracts widespread national interest, media frenzy and the unwelcome eyes of the world? biggest super power are suddenly focused on these unlikely heroes?n

The film is accompanied by an evocative soundtrack. Songs by Supergrass, The Beloved, Tricky and Stereo MCs provide a quintessentially 90s Brit pop edge to the film. Directed by Johnny Campbell and written and produced by Will Davies, Alien Autopsy also benefits from the experience of cinema hits, Twins and Johnny English and ground-breaking TV series, Phoenix Nights and Shameless.

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