ACE Gamebooks – Who are they and why should I care?


ACE Gamebooks are the brain child of author Jonathan Green  who over the last *ahem* years of being a professional writer has written for big licences like Doctor Who and Warhammer, in addition to writing the Pax Britannia series.

Jonathan is the king of the ‘Game Book’ having written the definitive history of the Fighting Fantasy series that spawned the Chose Your Own Adventure sub genre of literature. (See You Are The Hero on Amazon).

Through Kickstarter Jon has successfully funded 5 game books, forming ACE Gamebooks (below are the links to the original campaigns and amazon links should you wish to buy them.

Alice’s Nightmare in Wonderland  (amazon)

The Wicked Wizard of Oz (amazon)

NEVERLAND – Here Be Monsters! (amazon)

Beowulf Beastslayer

‘TWAS – The Krampus Night Before Christmas


Now Ace Gamebooks are moving into RPGs!


This is good news. The first title planned is ‘TWAS – The Roleplaying Game Before Christmas – a spin off from the game book.

Personally I am really waiting for a NEVERLAND – Here Be Monsters! as one is surely going to surface presuming the Krampus one is funded.


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