Release Date: October 23rd 2006

From the BBC team who created the highly acclaimed ‘live’ version of The Quatermass Experiment, comes another superb remake of a classic ‘lost’ BBC SF series – A FOR ANDROMEDA.

Starring Jane Asher, Kelly Reilly and Tom Hardy, this major new BBC science fiction production will be released on DVD by DD Home Entertainment on October 23rd in a special edition packed with bonus features.

The bonus features include an exclusive documentary Another Girl, Another Planet featuring Jane Asher, Richard Fell, Tom Hardy, Paul Laugier, John Strickland and Alison Willett, a photo gallery featuring previously unseen images from the making of the programme and a 24 package behind-the-scenes booklet by film and television historian Marcus Hearn.

A FOR ANDROMEDA starts with the remote monitoring station at Bouldershaw Fell receiving a mysterious signal from the heart of the Andromeda Galaxy. Working with mathematician Christine Jones (Kelly Reilly), Dr John Fleming (Tom Hardy) interprets the signal as the instructions to build a super-computer.

Astrobiologist Professor Dawnay (Jane Asher) seizes upon the alien machine as an opportunity to create a benevolent new life form, while the Ministry of Defence and American Intelligence eye the project for more sinister purposes.

The child of the computer is created in the image of Christine. John must come to terms with his feelings for the enigmatic ‘Andromeda’, while combating the threat she poses to mankind?n

A FOR ANDROMEDA is a reinterpretation of the classic BBC serial of the 1960s, which originally starred Julie Christie. Most episodes of the original series are now lost.

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A FOR ANDROMEDA will be available in all good DVD retailers from Monday October 23rd 2006, price ?4.99, or direct from DD Home Entertainment

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