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What is Scifind?

Scifind is actually the online presence of a single person. The site has been celebrating Science fiction, horror and fantasy since circa 2000.

This is one of many projects by the creator. Most projects are experimental or work in progress.

To discuss any of these please get in contact via Facebook or Twitter

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  1. Search For Movies / TV – Find where and how you can access online.
  2. Find cross platform recommendations based on the result.
  3. Get notified what is starting to stream today.
  4. Filter by Movies/Series and Service / Genre etc.
  5. Short social posting daily for new additions – linking back to site for further information.

Pen and paper role play game database. Work in progress.

Magic The Gathering single card comparison site for UK sellers. Again very much work in progress. is a news and reviews site covering things from the Horror and Science Fiction realms. We have a particular interest in the worlds of Doctor Who, Horror Movies, Superhero Movies and Tabletop gaming of associated worlds.

We love Science Fiction, everything from the literary classics like War Of The Worlds to big scifi blockbusters like Star Wars and the MCU.

Also loving horror, with a particular love of 1980s and modern day B Movies. Also loving the likes of modern  horror classics by the likes of streaming services Shudder and Netflix.

Liking toy helicopters, I have a site featuring some of the Best Drones out there.


Doctor Who

Star Wars

Tabletop Games


We also love a load of other things, including Movies Of All Genres Streaming in the UKWargames including Kings Of War and RPGS like Call Of Cthulhu.

Looking to compare coffee prices in the UK? we have a website for that!

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